Why Advertise with Movingmedia?


Movingmedia is a full service Digital-Out-Of-Home provider!

Movingmedia will provide you with digital signage in an affordable, flexible and convenient way so you can advertise like you never thought you could.

Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is proven to be effective and is one of the fastest growing sectors of marketing today!

By purchasing ad space with Movingmedia, your business will gain exposure in a modern, unique and effective way.


Our Services


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Our 3 Main Services:

  • 1
    Marketing Consultation and Campaign Development
  • 2
    Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising and Indoor Digital Display Advertising
  • 3
    Creative Ad Design Services

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Benefits of Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising


How do I buy it?



Choose your location(s)

Talk to one of our account managers and decide which locations will work best for you.
Indoor and Outdoor options are available!

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Outdoor Digital Billboards

Our outdoor digital billboards offer a 90-sec ad loop on EACH side of each location.  This delivers an ad frequency of 900+ x’s 10-second ads everyday.


Indoor Digital Displays

Our Shopping Mall locations offer a 90-sec ad loop, with an hourly frequency of 160 to 280 ads. Our Airport locations offer a 120-sec ad loop, with an hourly frequency of 28 ads.

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Map Legend

Outdoor Signage Symbol – Outdoor Signage
Indoor Signage – Indoor Signage


Outdoor Digital Signage Rate Card

Download our Newfoundland outdoor digital signage rate card for 7’x10′ Billboards. (PDF)


Indoor Shopping Centre Signage Rate Card

Download our indoor rate card for 4 shopping centres outside of St. John’s. (PDF)


Airports Digital Signage Rate Card

Download our indoor digital signage rate card for Stephenville and Gander airports. (PDF)



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